Democratic Governance

Since fossil fuels were first discovered, the corporate barons of oil, coal and now fracked gas have had their way in the politics of our state. Our politicians have been bribed, our citizens bullied and the public deceived about the consequences of extracting, transporting and burning fossil fuels.

Though Pennsylvania citizens have time after time sought protection from the dangers of fracking and gas pipelines, our state government has sided with the corporations, failing to protect our communities, waterways, nature preserves, and farmlands from the life-destroying impact of fossil fuels.  A rising tide of grassroots mass action and coordinated civil disobedience against new pipeline installation projects across our state demonstrate the will of the people to resist, despite the lack of government protection and support.  A number of these activists have stepped up to run for office, hoping to help lead a change in Harrisburg.

We urge our state legislators to:

Challenge corporate power on behalf of our citizens to insure the right of local governments to protect their communities and eco-systems from industrial pollution and toxins, such as from fossil fuel development, industrial farming and pesticide use.

Get money out of politics. Support citizens’ efforts to stop corruption and the unethical influence of the fossil fuel industry in our state government by passing legislation for campaign finance reform, and ending legalized bribery and gerrymandering.

Protect voting rights and pass reform legislation, including automatic voter registration, which will ensure fair and accessible elections for all citizens.


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