PROUD PENNSYLVANIA is a non-partisan campaign to unite rural and urban populations around a shared vision

for an economy that will move wealth and power from distant corporations to our communities

through local production of our basic needs.


Our Vision:

We envision a prosperous network of just and sustainable regional economies comprised of independent, locally-owned farms and businesses that provide self-reliance in basic needs of food, fiber and fuel, bring greater happiness and well-being, strengthen just and democratic societies, and nurture a robust natural environment we can be proud to leave for future Pennsylvanians. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to educate the public, investors, business leaders and state legislators about the critical importance of building resilient, self-reliant regional economies that mitigate carbons, prepare our communities for climate change, and bring greater prosperity to both urban and rural communities.

What we do:

1. Establish relationships with like-minded citizens in counties across Pennsylvania and collaborate to hold educational, community building events for the public.

2. Educate state legislators by organizing briefings and tours that inform legislation, which will:

a. Support the growth of local supply chains and sustainable, self-reliant regional economies,

b. Ensure living-wage jobs and economic opportunity in the emerging industries for former fossil fuel workers, entrepreneurs of color, women, returning citizens, and marginalized rural and urban communities.

c. Decrease the power of corporations, while increasing the power of local governments to protect their communities and eco-systems from industrial pollution and toxins, such as from fossil fuel development, industrial farming and pesticide use. 

d. Get money out of politics through campaign finance reform, and end legalized bribery and gerrymandering.

3. Organize events to educate entrepreneurs and investors about the importance of regional economies and inspire them to start and invest in businesses needed to build local supply chains.

4. Publish educational materials, write articles, maintain a website and a social media presence, and do public speaking.

5. Hold annual awards for outstanding localists, legislative leaders and local supply chain champions.

6. Lead a "Revolution of Values" that values life over money, and builds a conscious economy where consumers, investors, business owners and politicians make economic decisions, not to maximize profits and material gain, but to maximize the well being of our communities and the eco-systems all life depends upon. 


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