Who we are: Proud Pennsylvania is a statewide intergenerational initiative to unite rural and urban communities around a shared vision for regional economies that build community wealth and prepare for climate change through the local production of our basic needs.  We provide a platform for Pennsylvania’s values-led entrepreneurs, impact investors and conscious consumers to engage in building local economies.

Our mission is to: 

 Connect our state’s urban and rural communities, farmers and entrepreneurs, lenders and borrowers, consumers and producers,

Catalyze local supply chains producing food, fuel and fiber, while decreasing carbons and waste, restoring eco-systems, and increasing inclusion and economic justice, 

Educate the public, business leaders, investors and legislators about the importance of building sustainable, just and self-reliant regional economies in our state,

Celebrate local culture, the joy of community, and the natural beauty of our state.


We envision a network of just and sustainable low-carbon regional economies comprised of independent, locally-owned farms and businesses that provide self-reliance in basic needs, operate with values that support an inclusive and caring economy, bring prosperity to urban and rural communities, achieve near zero waste, and nurture a robust natural environment we can be proud to leave for future Pennsylvanians. We envision a global economy comprised of a network of self-reliant local economies connected by fair trade relationships.

What we do: 

Organize Local Industry Coalitions   Proud Pennsylvania organizes coalitions comprised of locally owned farms and businesses, researchers, and investors who support just, sustainable and locally-owned supply chains in the following areas: 

Industrial hemp, renewable energy, local food systems, zero waste/recycling, plant medicine and local culture and tourism. 

The coalitions work to increase community wealth by catalyzing local supply chains comprised of locally owned independent businesses and farms that bring Pennsylvania made products to market and encouraging consumers to support local economies. 

The coalitions inform each other, the general public, the business community, investors, political candidates, and state and city legislators about the importance of regional self-reliance in the face of the climate crisis.  They model the values needed to make a just and sustainable transition to a life-supporting economy and share the latest developments in their industry.

The coalitions advocate for state and municipal policies and legislation that support local sustainable production of basic needs such as food, fuel and fiber and that provide opportunities to economically marginalized populations, such as small farmers, former fossil fuel workers, entrepreneurs of color, women, immigrants, veterans, and returning citizens, and provide meaningful living wage jobs in both rural and urban communities.

Convene and advice the Proud Pennsylvania Legislative Working Group   

We convene and advise the Proud Pennsylvania Legislative Working Group on legislation that supports our mission.  Each industry coalition provides information, ideas for legislation and connections to stakeholders in their area of expertise.  The Legislative Working Group is made up of state senators and representatives who are committed to supporting local business ownership and strengthening sustainable and just regional economies and have signed a pledge not to take money from the fossil fuel industry. 

Proud Pennsylvania advocates for legislation that will:

1. Support the growth of local supply chains and sustainable, self-reliant regional economies comprised of locally owned farms and businesses. 

2. Ensure economic opportunity in the emerging industries for former fossil fuel workers, entrepreneurs of color, women, veterans, immigrants, returning citizens, and marginalized rural and urban communities.

3. Decrease the power of corporations, while increasing the power of communities to protect themselves and their eco-systems from industrial pollution and toxins, such as from fossil fuel development, chemical plants, incinerators, industrial farming and pesticide use. 

4. Get money out of politics and stop corruption and the unethical influence of the fossil fuel industry in our state government.

Educate and Celebrate Proud Pennsylvania works with local groups to organize community building events that unite rural and urban communities, celebrate local culture and provide information about building resilient, self-reliant regional economies that mitigate carbons and prepare for climate change.  We offer speakers and panels for various community events and provide information on our webpage and social media.

Shift Capital   Proud Pennsylvania advocates a shift of capital from Wall Street to Main Street, encouraging investments in locally owned businesses that strengthen local supply chains and build regional self-reliance. Working with partner organizations, we connect investors with local businesses. Proud Pennsylvania believes that investing locally provides not only a financial return, but a living return – the benefit of living in a more sustainable, self-reliant, resilient, prosperous and joyful community. 

Lead a "Revolution of Values" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr called for a “Revolution of Values” to address materialism, which he considered one of the triple evils, along with racism and militarism. Proud Pennsylvania is helping to build a conscious economy where consumers, investors, business owners and politicians make economic decisions, not to maximize profits and material gain, but to maximize the health and well-being of our communities and the eco-systems upon which all life depends. We seek to demonstrate business relationships based on cooperation, partnership, generosity, fairness, integrity, compassion, and respect for all people, nature, and other species. 


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